Happy New Year to you all

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Well, it has finally arrived – 2016 – and a whole world of opportunities are ahead of us.

Someone asked me recently ‘when was the best period of my life,’ and I can honestly say that it is now! Every stage in my life has been good for its own reasons but I refuse to be one of these people who spend their life missing the ‘good old days’. You can’t plough a field looking backwards.

At 34 I feel that I am just getting into my stride and am looking forward to what this new year will bring.

2016 is a year for continual learning and self development. It is a year for professional development. And I also want it to be a year of spiritual growth. It is not a year for just doing what we did last year.

At Scribble & Think we have a great opportunity to build a business that is something special – a business that makes a real positive impact for those that we work with. I am hoping to become a better designer, a better communicator and a better business man. Not to mention a better husband, Father and friend.

I hope this year will be good for you too. May 2016 be a year where you move forwards in your business, family and friendships. And if you need any help with you business side of life, feel free to get in touch with us. We’d love to see if we can help.

Best regards
Darren Graydon
Creative Director

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