Wow, where did that year go?

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So I am guessing you noticed that 2016 wasn’t exactly a flurry of blog posts from the team at Scribble and Think…

To be honest I am not exactly sure what happened there – one day I was all fresh faced standing at the door of another year – eager with anticipation ready for anything – next – I’m watching my kids in the School nativity 11 months later – Wow!!

Now I know January is the season for resolutions and new starts – and possible I should make a commitment to a monthly blog to keep everyone up to speed with all things design – but in all honesty I am guessing that it would be another one of those 4 week wonders and we’d be back to the old ways.

So why don’t I just drop you a line today and make a commitment to another one in February – I am putting a note in my diary – so Watch this space – one blog – coming your way.

Robbie Doherty - Apprentice at Scribble & ThinkFor those of you who follow us on Social media you will know that there has been a whole heap going on in the bunker in 2016 – so much so that we are running out of room as our esteemed leader keeps bringing new people in to join the team. My personal highlight has been the arrival of young Robbie – pictured here.

He is our new design apprentice – taken on as Tom is moving shifting his work to concentrate more of his time on promoting the Scribble and Ink business, managing social media and outbound marketing for them.

Robbie is at college on Fridays then for the other four days I am teaching him all I know – Daryl thinks that could take all of two weeks!!

So not only is our team expanding, the breadth and quality of our work is as well.

It feels to me like I am producing some of my best work ever and I think that is due to the environment we are working in – It is incredibly positive and creative. I love working with these people! The focus of our business is to create a company that has such a great culture that everyone would want to work here – and in so doing we are creating a culture that is positive- inspiring – encouraging and more.

We are working really hard to create a fun place for our team to be – but here’s the thing – it takes a lot of hard work – and that hard work is evidenced in the quality of the designs we are putting out. Take a look at our updated portfolio section and let me know what you think.

If you have five minutes on a Thursday and want a inspiring message then check us out on FB – where we put up our positive quote videos. It should provide an enjoyable start to your day!!

So there will be more news from the bunker in a month… Promise!!!

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