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Have you ever done an internet search of the Disney Pixar offices in America? Or even have you browsed through the multitude of images you can find of the Google offices? Even Facebook’s Offices are worth mulling over.

They are ALL ridiculous! Absolutely ridiculous!

Where people are supposed to be ‘working’ you find brightly coloured offices that look like the colour scheme was chosen by a five year old; personal jellybean dispensers per office; slides from the higher stories downwards; mini-golf putting ranges on the roof and an actual shed within the office space complete with artificial grass surrounding it. How are people meant to get any work done? In the Pixar Offices they even have a room (or maybe even rooms) full of toys from their successful films for the staff to play with!!

Why would these insanely successful companies have all these seemingly superfluous ‘stuff’ around? The answer, I think, is brilliant; they are trying to encourage creativity. It’s a simple concept but creativity isn’t something that can be turned on or off. These companies understand that creativity is something that can be inspired.

Inspiration isn’t just about ‘where’ you work but also ‘who’ you work with.

Consider the companies we’ve mentioned: Google is bright and attractive; Facebook has millions of followers all over the planet; and Pixar have beautifully captured two generations of kids with their imaginative stories and vibrant characters.

But why is it necessary to encourage creativity by having toys, mini-golf and jelly beans?

Environment is key. The way you FEEL about something is so very important as to wanting to give your best and creativity needs breathing space. Pixar in particular are trying to reach kids and adults can be very good at forgetting how to ‘kid’. They have inspiration in-line with what they’re trying to achieve.

Inspiration isn’t just about ‘where’ you work but also ‘who’ you work with.

At Scribble & Think, people are the most important part of what we’re about; so we are positive to and about each other because we want a culture of positivity; we are encouraging to and about each other because we want a culture of encouragement; and we don’t point the finger at mistakes because we don’t want a culture of blame. All of these ease the creative process and we are constantly looking at ways we can improve and assist this.

Now whereas we don’t have the mini-golf, toys and jelly beans (although we do have a dartboard!!), we want to foster a creative environment because that’s who we want to be. Similarly, if you want to be creative – feed in positive inspiration!

You only reap what you sow after all.

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