Our Apprentice… Seven Months Later

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We introduced Robbie to you at the beginning of the year as a fresh-faced and eager young apprentice; hungry to get into design work and learn about the trade.
We caught up with him to see how he’s gotten on as a Design Apprentice at Scribble & Think.

How did you hear about the apprenticeship?
After spending five years at secondary school in Torquay and developing an interest in design, I went online to look for what opportunities there were in graphic design to pursue a career in the field. I saw the apprenticeship on Gov.uk whilst I was searching and now spend four days a week in the office and one at South Devon College learning more on the theory of design.

What interests you most about design?
Visual stimulation is important in sales and advertising and I want lots of people get to see my artwork and that it will help other business’ succeed and progress.

What apprehensions did you have coming in and how has that changed?
Since I would be one of the youngest working in an office of experienced designers, business people and marketers, I was worried I wouldn’t get along with the people here but my expectations have gladly been exceeded with the encouragement of my co-workers.

Where do your strengths lie?
Sleeping & Eating.

What’s the best factor with learning about design at Scribble & Think?
After a few weeks of being with people who only want the best for me and to see me succeed, it has given me more confidence in what I’m doing and who I am as a person. The people are cool.

Where have you most developed since being at Scribble?
Every day at Scribble is a learning day from design basics to keeping my desktop tidy! My knowledge of composition, colour and fonts has greatly improved since I started here and I’m only developing more and more as time goes on.

What would you most like to learn going forward?
As I realise I’m at the beginning of a (hopefully) long career, there’s so much I need to drink in on how to be a designer that I just want to grow in every area and aim to get better every day.

What has been your favourite piece of work and why?
I’ve had a varied amount to do from brochure work and leaflets to roller banners and notepads but my favourite has got to be between the Van wrap for Air Conditioning Services, which I had to fit to a design template to get right, and the Flower and Arts Festival branding we did for Brunel Manor.

What’s your favourite pizza?
Pepperoni, because it is the food of my people.

What has surprised you the most about working at Scribble & Think?
Although it’s a serious business and we’re passionate about creating good and quality work for our customers, the surprising thing is how casual everyone is. The relaxed, encouraging and positive atmosphere really produces a creative and inspirational output. Our managing director, Daryl Fulls, recognises you get greater work coming out of positive reinforcement instead of applying pressure.
(I’m also surprised how I haven’t gotten in trouble yet).

What other skills have you learnt while working at Scribble?
Because of the relaxed and friendlier atmosphere I’ve developed better social skills as I’ve had the opportunity to answer incoming phone calls, attend business meetings and speak a little at networking events. I’ve also learnt how to work as a waiter for hot drinks as well as the design skills that I’ve progressed in since being here.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

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