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For the first time back in October 2016 it was recorded by research company Statcounter that from companies they were monitoring, websites loaded by mobile phones had overtaken desktop computers. The shift to mobile browsing is becoming more and more the norm over browsing through ‘traditional’ means. As higher speed networks and more powerful smartphones develop, the marketplace is changing to a place where sometimes the only computer some people have is their smartphone. In India, it’s believed that up to 75% of people access the internet via smartphones rather than desktop computers.

In the UK, the trend is still that more people are using the desktop computer for making purchases but the gap between sales from desktops and mobile devices is continually shrinking.

What does this mean for your website?

The smartphone revolution has some massive repercussions for web designers as it’s no longer just about the desktop view but now the mobile view has to be taken into account. When you look at a website from a large retail company the view will be different dependant on what device you’re viewing through. The size of the screen matters when you’re selling!









One such website that demonstrates this ‘mobile view’ is the website for Garden Plant Design, where we have ensured the site is fully responsive for both desktop, tablet and mobile views. (See the Garden Plant Design site on this test mobile site).

When putting together a website for our customers, we want them to have the best layout possible for their target audience which means taking into account the considerations the different device users. When viewed through a smartphone the site doesn’t just shrink to fit, but it changes around the page layout. In some cases certain content is not displayed for mobile to ensure that there is minimal clutter and good loading speeds on mobile networks. Navigation items are replaced with a well designed drop-down menu that easily fits the human finger press. The site works in both landscape or portrait positions, images respond to the different sized screen and are optimised for faster loading. With it being ‘responsive’ the Garden Plant Design mobile site isn’t a different site geared towards the mobile view, it is the same site that responds to your device.

If your website isn’t mobile friendly, then you are missing out on a huge part of your potential internet traffic, which means you are missing out on new customers/clients. If you need any help with your current site then please feel free to get in touch. We would be happy to help if we can.

The mobile usage of day-to-day browsing through the internet isn’t the future…

…it’s now!

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