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Remember that classic sketch with the two Ronnies and John Cleese? For those of you of a certain generation, you’re already remembering the grainy black and white picture of comedy gold from yesteryear. In fact, it was first broadcast in 1966 on the Frost Report and has been on the top of many lists as one of the funniest sketches of all time.

Of course, our apprentice Robbie has no idea who the two Ronnies were so it stands to reason he’s never seen this sketch! Unlike the sketch, however, the importance of people we look up to or role models in our lives are integral. Musicians, artists, actors, designers and many other positions in life all have ‘heroes’ of those who have gone before who have inspired us to do what we do.

Tom, our Digital Marketeer, has been a huge U2 fan since he was 17 and so Bono has been a huge influence whether musically or philosophically and maybe the occasional pair of shades or leather jacket has slipped into his wardrobe. Now a little later on, U2 are still big on his personal playlists and Tom is still listening and learning from those ageing rockers, and still wears the shades and jacket! In some respects, it’s in the emulation you learn things from your role models and you also learn about yourself.

You may call emulation ‘copying’ or even to the point of ‘stealing’ but most things are just innovations or derivates of what’s been before. Even Noel Gallagher, while talking about songwriting, says ‘you only write what’s in your record collection.’

Being creative bods, we want to inspire others as others have inspired us. In the office, if we’re particularly focused and determined to be inspired, you’ll find us with headphones on by our computers listening to our favourite bands, losing the outside world in the music while buckling down to get the next brochure or magazine to a beautiful standard. Do you know where we got that from? Our creative director Mister Darren Graydon suddenly whipped out quality headphones, fired up iTunes and off he went into the roaring world of Metallica or Muse and out came a beautiful glossy magazine full of detail and customer-pleasing delight!

Seeing Darren launch into this focused state, well it was only natural to copy and you know what: it can really pay off! Sometimes when you walk into the office the ‘colouring-in department’ (what Gordon our financial director calls Graphic Designers) can be found all quietly listening to the latest ditties from the radio while producing the quality business cards, posters and flyers you know Scribble can provide. Why? Because Robbie and Tom saw Darren do it and adopted it into their habits.

On occasion, we can all follow and look up to the wrong role model and adopt bad habits into our working and creative lives, which is why good friends are needed to keep you on the straight and narrow! But it raises a great question: who are the people you look up to? Are they hard-working, creative, inspirational and motivated or are they lazy and foster bad habits?

Choose your role models wisely.


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