The Barbecue Shack.

The Brief

The Country Sports Shop, an existing client are moving into selling barbecues and outdoor cooking accessories. We were asked to create The Barbecue shack logo design.

This is a growing market of entertaining in the garden. It sounds sexist but stats show that the majority of BBQs are run by the man of the house. As Michael McIntyre observed: ‘The women get demoted to salad and drinks’. The gun market (country sports) is already pretty male dominated. The Barbeque Shack is primarily aiming at a target audience of men aged 30-60. (These men typically like their toys and are happy to spend money on them).

The logo needed to be modern and fun with a relaxed vibe of enjoying food with friends in your garden. Flip flops, cold beer, wielding a spatula like an artist holds a brush, you get the idea.

What we did

Taking colour inspiration from funky garden designs – funky fence colours. Textures are natural like wooden pallets, grass, or solid quality equipment. Charcoal is a good colour. We decided flames would be good – it is exciting and would make cool signage with the flames flying out from parts of the logo which can be back lit.

As you can see from the images, there are many iterations along this theme before the Barbecue Shack logo design is selected. The logo is designed to be easily applicable to signage, clothing and a variety of dark or light backgrounds, hence the black and white simplified versions. It even looks cool punched into leather.

Skills used: Graphic Design & Branding.

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