Bottle Buddi

The Brief

Bottle Buddi is a unique product that aims to simplify the school-run by enabling your child to carry both their book bag and water bottle with one hand.

Made of soft, water resistant material and two simple straps, it fixes around the handles of the book bag with press studs. The water bottle slips easily into the Bottle Buddi so your child can carry the book bag and water bottle together. There is no need for the Bottle Buddi to be removed from the book bag, as it can fold flat when the book bags and water bottles are stored in school. It even has a name tag inside so that it’s easy to identify.

What we did

We went through dozens of different concepts and ideas of how the brand could be developed/ reinvented, and through clear communication and good time management we managed to reach a design which proves highly effective and met all of the clients desires.

Skills used: Graphic Design & Branding.

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