Established 2022, YMCA

The Brief

We were tasked to create the identity for new YMCA Exeter project, Established2022, an initiative to help tackle the homeless crisis.

Established 2022 is changing lives by transforming an abandoned warehouse into affordable apartments for local young people.

The website aims to inform people about the project and to attract donations.

What we did

We designed a brand identity that looks solid, dependable, strong, bright and positive. Our design concept portrays the idea of creating a stable foundation. The warehouse apartments are a place for the young people who live there to put down roots, and build a positive future.

We designed a logo that is animated. The animated sequence within the logo design shows the zero in 2022 represented by a map pin. The map pin itself reinforces the idea that the warehouse is the place they are looking for, the starting point. The map pin icon then changes into a triangle and then a heart – embodying the caring ethos of YMCA.

The website we have designed for Established2022 follows the style and animation we already established in the brand identity. The website is built to easily attract and promote donations.

Skills used: Graphic Design, Branding and Animation.

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