Estuary View – the window company.

The Brief

Estuary View is a new company of local traditional craftsmen. They supply timber, upvc and aluminium windows and doors. Being a new business they required our expertise in branding and web design to give them the corporate identity and marketing materials necessary to promote their goods.

What we did

We created an identity for Estuary View that portrays their upmarket, quality products. We chose colours and styles, carefully selected to appeal to potential customers. The customers reside in the surrounding  affluent areas which the business is targeting.

The design is influenced by the geographical area around where the business is operating. The use of nature elements is a nod to the environmental ethos of the company, who hope to widely promote their sustainable timber products.

Scribble and Think  have put together a comprehensive package of branding to fulfil all the requirements. This has incorporated business cards, flyers, signage, advert design and website design, as well as van livery.



Skills used: Graphic Design & Branding, Website Design.


CoAction Solutions

The Brief

Coaction work with companies and organisations to improve their systems, increase customer experience and step up business efficiency. They came to us with a need to get the attention of decision makers in businesses who need such help.

What we did

Our first port of call was to progress the Coaction brand. This was to bring the corporate ID more inline with the quality of service that they provide. The new logo looks crisp and modern, and the change in colour was a significant choice. We felt it was time to move away from red in order to change the feel of the brand.

Following the brand progression we created a 6 page folded mailer that would get noticed. These square mailers would arrive in a bright yellow hand written envelope, and when opened the recipient would be greeted with the simple words ‘DO NOT OPEN’.

This entices the recipient into the leaflet which encourages them not to read on if their business is chaos-free, running with efficient systems and delivering great customer experience.
The leaflet then introduces Coaction and points them to a purpose built landing page where they can find out more. When you arrive at the landing page it is clear that the page was built specifically for the recipient as it greets them with ‘ GREAT, YOU OPENED IT’.

The website funnels the recipient to a point of contact that should lead to some great qualified leads which should turn in to some new business.

Skills used: Graphic Design & Branding.

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