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The Brief

Exeter College invited us to submit designs for their next Course Guide for school leavers.
The brief was this:
• Students like a lot of course detail. Ideas to make any content/icons etc clearer and more engaging
• Design which clearly shows diversity of students and overall ethos of being an exceptional college with a wide range of courses and opportunities.
• A design which showcases real student stories – with use of a lot of profile images of students.
• The design and fonts must be readable and adaptable as they will roll out to multiple publications and large format posters/banners etc.
• A design with ‘trilogy potential’ to be able to adapt it for the following two years (i.e. new images, small change of layout and main colour).
• Colours and design which are appropriate for the target market (14-16 year olds).
• Aspirational design which showcases the college as a modern, successful college. A design and use of images which speaks to students as individuals.
• We’d be interested in designs centred around the idea of This Is Exeter College. The ‘This is’ messaging could then be incorporated throughout our marketing campaigns with similar lines like “This is Ofsted Outstanding, etc.”
• Variations on this idea are welcome – it’s more the feel and direction of the designs that we’ll be considering.
• The design for the School Leavers’ Guide should have potential to be versatile across different formats.

What we did

Our layout uses strong typography for the message ‘This is what you came here for’. This encompasses the idea that whatever the student is interested in, there is the opportunity for them to develop it, within the wide range of courses, at Exeter College.

Diverse portraits of students are incorporated to encourage a feeling of an  inclusive environment.

We built an appealing colour palette. It combines pops of bright colours representing creativity and fun, with darker, more serious colours, reflecting the trust in substance, strength, wisdom and guidance that students would be seeking.

We designed magazine-style layouts. The cut-out imagery and angles create interest and help to engage the reader to want to find out more.

Skills used: Graphic Design & Branding.

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