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Breaking the cycle of poverty through education.

The Brief

Hope4Kibera is a charity launched in 2019 by a group in Devon.

The Kibera slum in Nairobi, Kenya, is the largest urban slum in Africa and home to up to 800,000 people living in dire poverty.

Importantly, the only way out of the slum is to obtain a School Leaving Certificate, which at least gives a chance of a survivable income. The principal aim of Hope4Kibera is to raise funds to staff and run the ‘Bright Hope Education Centre’, a free secondary school for motivated children whose families have no money for school fees.

Secondly, Hope4Kibera is establishing a desperately needed Poor Fund, to help provide basic foodstuffs and medical care to the poorest families.

Our mission was to create all the professional branding and design work required to enable the charity to get donations. The style needed to have impact, portray a clear message, and of course be emotive. For instance, the design needed to work in a way which made it easy for people to donate quickly and effortlessly.

What we did

We created a new identity for the charity. After designing a logo we then applied it to all their business needs, such as business cards, letterheads, flyers and banners.

In order for people to donate quickly and easily we created clear and bold graphics with a strong message. We applied the graphics to a range of print and advertising.

We designed donation forms and adverts, including a Profile Book featuring the children. The Profile Book incorporated photographs and copy about the affect the donations would have and the difference they made to the childrens lives.

The typography and layout style we created was purposefully bold, clear and directly emotive.

Skills used: Graphic Design & Branding.

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