The Franciscan Centre, Ladywell.

The Brief

Ladywell is a convent based in Godalming, Surrey. Last year they started renovations and wanted some custom stained glass windows created for the new building.

What we did

We had a site visit last summer to see the new building and start planning how the stained glass windows could potentially look. We decided to base the large landscape window on a canticle written by St Francis of Assisi, the canticle consists of several verses, and we originally wanted the window to be split into squares based on each verse. Over time this became a more abstract and flowing design which is still split into sections but in a more natural way. The other two slim windows were based on St Francis and St Clare, they are in the same style as the canticle window but less abstract with background details that hint at different parts of their history. All in all this was one of the biggest but most rewarding projects we have worked on and the finished windows are a sight to behold. This project has also helped us develop a strong relationship with the Sisters at the convent and we are currently working on other multiple projects with them including 2 websites.


Skills used: Graphic Design & Illustration.

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