Sherwoods BBQ Breakfast Meetup

The Brief

Sherwoods wanted to reach out to all the businesses in their neighbourhood (Brunel Industrial Estate) and get them to come together to see if there could be more collaboration. So they instigated the ‘Big Breakfast BBQ Meet-Up’ and commissioned us to create a flyer for sending out to all the local businesses to invite them along.

What we did

We designed the front of the flyer as an invitation and the reverse as an introduction to Sherwoods; who they are and what they do. Sherwoods created a very short video for the event and the flyer used a QR code to send people to view the video.
For a first event it was a good time and we expect it to increase in popularity the longer that they have been running.
Well done to Sherwoods for working on their local community and encouraging businesses to work more together.

Skills used: Graphic Design & Branding.

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