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Solicitors Title

The Brief

To present Solicitors Title as a proactive company that can support and help you with the positive things in life and business. Not just reactive to bad events like solicitors are typically known for.

Create an overview leaflet plus display graphics for exhibiting at the South West Business Show.

What we did

We created a strong climbing metaphor which communicates the importance of having good advice and support. The climber on the right has ropes, good gear, helmet and a route planned out. The climber on the left is free climbing with no support.

The free climber represents a business with out the support and advice of Solicitors Title, and the climber on the right represents the opposite.

We also ran this metaphor through their display graphics for the South West Business Show. You can see that work under the ‘Display Graphics’ tab.

The work was well received and really helped Solicitors Title to stand out in a very busy room full of solicitors.

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