Teignbridge Propellers

The Brief

Teignbridge Propellers contacted us to create a dynamic responsive website to showcase all their products and services worldwide. They are the largest manufacturer of quality propellers and stearngear in Europe.

What we did

Teignbridge Propellers website hosts an enormous amount of content so we developed an initial detailed site map plan. The website has many elements such as technical information, commercial, luxury and military sectors as well as products and manufacturing for the world-wide market.

We used our design expertise to ensure that all these elements look cohesive within the branding, and have given them an informative and professional style that appeals to all sectors.

The video and photo galleries elements clearly demonstrate to the viewer what Teignbridge Propellers have to offer.

We incorporated bespoke, quality touches to the design – for example, an easy-to- use high functioning Search facility where the background of the page blurs like a frosted glass effect. Water imagery gives the viewer the sense of the industries environment and the brushed gold effects mimic the materials of the propellers whilst nodding towards the high end luxury yacht  market.

A cool and simple to use side navigation bar was integrated into the website design to ensure a good user experience.

Text flows clearly in white space to make reading easy. This was helped by our choice of simple modern fonts.

The World Map is useful for getting the point across that Teignbridge Propellers are a progressive and impressive company serving customers across the globe. It’s unique design is again tailored to fit with the branding and utilises the water elements and gold colours to keep the website looking consistent.

The testimonials, which are so important to be read, are also given the showcase they deserve with their own section.

Lastly, but not least, the more personal angle of introducing the team to the customers was approached by including clear head shots of the directors. Customers like to know who they are dealing with and that those people are professional and interesting people. It was also an opportunity not to be missed, to promote their individual expertise that is the backbone of the business.

Why not see the website for yourself:






Skills used: Graphic Design & Website Design, UI, UX.

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